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Bohdan Bilazin
Hot vacancy
Hot vacancy
Senior Front End Developer - 110588

Requirements • Proficient in React and Angular and their eco-systems and tooling • Expertise in cloud design, infrastructure as code, tools and services on AWS • Delivery flow: branching strategy, ...

ASAPUkraine | Kyiv13 Feb 2023

AngularJS React REST

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Diana Chernysh
Hot vacancy
Hot vacancy
Middle Frontend Dev - 99804

Some facts about the company: Tradesmarter Holdings Group Companies ( Company has both insight and the knowledge needed to provide creative and industrydisruptive FinTech...

ASAPUkraine | Kyiv16 Nov 2020

React.js React Native AngularJS React JavaScript

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Alexandrs Stetsyuk
Middle AngularJS Developer from Kyiv/Cherkassy - 101875

Node.js and JavaScript is required skills

Middle term (more than 3 months)31 Jul 2021Ukraine | Kyiv01 Jun 2021

AngularJS JavaScript Node.js

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