#110279 Senior Linux Kernal Developer- C++ & Python Hot vacancy

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Olga Shokouhi

We are a funded cyber security startup developing technology in the secure and private communication sector for corporate clients. We are looking for a new talented Senior Developer to take a leading and significant role in planning and executing the company's strategy. We develop a variety of highly private and secure solutions (MOBILE, WEB, EMBEDED) for sensitive corporate communication.

  • Extensive experience using and administering Linux-based (or BSD-based) operating systems 
  • Experience with container technologies, virtualization, configuration management, file systems tuning, high-performance computing, kernel tuning, network stack configuration (including iptable/Netfilter/nftables), in-system security modules and frameworks, eBPF and other related technologies. 
  • Extensive experience in developing with at least two of the following: C,C++,C#, Java,Python,Rust,Golang 
  • Extensive experience developing security-related systems/products/modules. Prime examples include Network-security systems (firewall, IDS, NDR), endpoint security, AV/EDR and Digital Forensics. 
  • Extensive experience with applied cryptography. Prime examples include setting and managing CAs and building products using hardware security modules such as Yubiky/Nitrokey/Titankey, implementing encryption and encryption-related frameworks within products. 
  • Extensive experience as a SecDevOps engineer specifically interfacing Linux environments with knowledge and experience in containers and containers security, build pipelines and build pipelines security, orchestration technologies, automation, cloud infrastructures, and configuration management.

  • 50+ people 
  • Offices in Israel, Spain and Western Europe
  • 5 developers in Israel

  • International team in a collaborative, highly-engaged culture where your ideas are welcome and your voice is heard.
  • Opportunity to work remotely which will let you determine your own work-life balance.
  • Working in an innovative working environment
  • Endless opportunities for your career development
  • Life-work balance
  • Competitive salary

  • Python
  • Linux
  • Cybersecurity
  • Linux Kernel

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