#106475 Python Full Stack Developer Hot vacancy


About the Project:
Glopal connects millions of buyers and merchants around the world to unlock cross-border trade. Glopal provides advanced international marketing solutions for eCommerce retailers and brands seeking to grow their businesses globally. Using a suite of automated localization tools, merchants can quickly launch their stores on international markets and promote them to new audiences with Google Shopping Ads, with a hosted international checkout solution allowing buyers to complete orders with local shipping & payment methods.
● Developing and extending hosted checkout solution with order and payment processing
● Integrating Glopal solution with store backends (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento) getting data in and out using the platform provided APIs and extensions
● Synchronizing data with other internal systems enables cross-team solutions
● Providing tools for the new merchant onboarding process and self-service
● Opportunity to work with different technologies providing value for merchants and international buyers and supporting internal processes, cross-domain, and cross-stack
● Collaborate and influence stakeholders and other teams enabling business growth
● Join a small experienced team responsible for a wide range of projects and microservices
● Working with AWS services (Lambda, API Gateway, AppSync, CloudFront, and others) as supported by a dedicated DevOps team and GitLab CI/CD pipelines
Minimum Qualifications:
● 3+ years of recent production quality Python product development experience
● 1+ years of production-level experience with reactive-style frontend development (React, Backbone.js, or similar) targeting evergreen browsers
● Practical experience with consuming and designing REST APIs (Swagger/OpenAPI)
● Ability to work in a small self-motivated team
● Good written and spoken English, comfortable with working in an international Environment
Preferred Qualifications:
● Experience working with PayPal APIs (Orders & Payments REST APIs, Legacy Express Checkout NVP API) and frontend integration (PayPal Checkout & Smart Button) or alternative payment processors
● Experience with web analytics and remarketing (Universal GA, GTM, gtag.js,...)
● Familiarity with Google Ads and conversion tracking
● Familiarity with serverless computing (AWS Lambda, Cloudflare Workers, or else)
● Familiarity with Docker and containerization
● Familiarity with e-commerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, or BigCommerce)
● Ability to take user perspective thinking about UX and UI improvements
We Offer:
● The opportunity to work as part of a dynamic, experienced, international company
● The ability to work in one of the offices (Paris, Warsaw, Belgrade) or Remote
● Attractive remuneration
● Referral program
● Benefits (depends on location)
●Options to combine existing codebase and proven solutions with the latest tech offerings developing for our microservices zoo integrating all that can be integrated (AWS Lambda, Cloudflare Workers, AWS EC2, AWS S3, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Google BigQuery, InfluxDB, RabbitMQ, AWS SNS, AWS Cognito,...)

  • Python
  • Lambda
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • API
  • UX
  • Google BigQuery
  • AWS
  • Backbone.js
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
  • InfluxDB
  • AWS Lambda
  • PostgreSQL
  • UI
  • React.js
  • RabbitMQ
  • Swagger
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service

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