#106384 Senior Flutter developer Hot vacancy

Team & project:

The team consists of 16 developers working in flutter technology, who also have experience in native technologies. The team is constantly sharing knowledge and taking new initiatives. Organizes internal meetups where everyone can share their knowledge with others. Taking care of the quality of the code, writing unit tests in each project and cyclical code reviews is something you can count on here every day. 

Currently working on the largest flutter application in Poland from the banking industry.


1.Participation in the designing of mobile applications,
2.Preparation of the application structure and implementation,
3.Writing unit tests and code reviews for other team members,
4.Implementation and distribution the AppStore / Google Play.


1.5 years in programming mobile applications (android/ios), 1 year as a Flutter developer,
2.Knows Flutter technology and Dart language,
3.Has experience with Bloc, Freezed, get_it, Navigator 2.0, Git,
4.Knows how to use Dependency Injection,
5.Has written unit and block tests,
6.Has knowledge of design patterns, knows the most popular sorting and search algorithms,
7.Speaks English at the level of min. B2.

Will be a plus:

1.Knowledge of Kotlin or Swift (or Objective-C),
2.Knowledge and ability to implement TDD (Test Driven Development), DDD (Domain Driven Design), KISS and SOLID,
3.Experience with functional programming, eg Fpdart, dartz.

  • Flutter
  • TDD
  • Dart
  • GIT
  • DDD
  • C
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Kotlin
  • Flutter
  • Swift

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