#106188 .NET developer (RMM) Hot vacancy


∎ About the project:

The project is a new RMM solution being developed for a well-known corporation in the world. It provides a set of tools for device management, network visualization and managing physical security of Smart Cities, IoT networks, etc.
The service helps end-customers to manage company-wide network areas and resolve occurred issues securely.
The solution consists of remote application and cloud-hosted services. It provides the ability to collect data/statistics, analyse and manage of different network device types and network typologies via different network protocols.
Functionality of the solution implies implementation and usage of such things as: management UI based on cloud principles, feature-rich JS libraries, web services, network protocols, shared storages, synchronization mechanisms, installation/updating software solution, etc.

∎Stack of technologies:

▴.Net Core Framework; ASP.NET Core MVC + WebAPI; SignalR, WebSockets; Message Queuing; External frameworks; MSSQL EntityFramework, T-SQL; Network services, control and data protocols; Git; Azure DevOps; TargetProcess.


▴2+ years experience in .NET projects
▴Experience with .NET/C#/CLR — knowledge .NET is required. Practical knowledge of threading issues, application domains
▴Solid understanding of relational databases MS SQL Server: complex queries, filtering, grouping, understanding of the performance issues
▴Experience with ASP.NET MVC or WebAPI
▴Experience with Entity Framework or other O/R mappers
▴Understanding of HTML/CSS/JS/AJAX principals and experience with front-end development natively or using any frameworks
▴Experience with unit-tests
▴SDLC understanding.

∎ Personality:

▴Able to learn quickly and effectively apply new knowledge
▴Strong analytic skills, problem-solving ability and attention to details.

∎ Languages:

▴Intermediate English for reading/writing.

∎ Nice to have:

▴Understanding of network protocols
▴University degree in Computer Science or Engineering
▴Understanding of software architecture principles
▴Experience with Cloud-oriented solutions.

∎ Responsibilities:

▴Provides proactive service for the client
▴Proactively collaborate with teammates
▴Implementation of client- and server-side application components
▴Deliver high quality code
▴Perform system integration and testing, problem troubleshooting and resolution
▴Participate in code reviews
▴Follow the code guidelines and standards

  • .NET
  • GIT
  • T-SQL
  • WebSocket
  • WebApi's
  • MVC
  • ASP.NET Core
  • WebFOCUS
  • ASP.NET SignalR
  • .NET
  • Azure DevOps

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