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We are looking for a proactive Middle/Senior Test Automation Engineer (JavaScript) who won’t be afraid to lead testing and test automation of the product in close collaboration with the customer and product team. If it’s about you – join us!


Our customer is a rapidly growing US AdTech company Beeswax. Founded by three ex-Googlers, it has a highly technical team and an excellent technological culture.
Beeswax provides extremely high-scale Bidder-as-a-Service solutions in the advertising technology, works with global businesses, and has to date raised $28M (incl. the most recent Series B raise of $15M).
Our partner works together with Beeswax to enable the delivery of numerous key components of the platform, and is looking for engineers to complement the Beeswax engineering team and drive further development of the platform.


The project is about building the next generation of real-time bidding software that enables sophisticated marketers to break free from the limitations and constraints of opaque, one-size-fits-all programmatic buying platforms.


  • Strong JS/TypeScript programming skills (collections, conditional, cycles, modularity, interfaces, promises, etc.)
  • Strong test automation design skills (OOP, composition, Page Object, Singleton, Keyword-Driven testing, SOLID, etc.)
  • Strong skills in interaction with web-systems (HTML, XML, cookies, web storage, cache, HTTP, REST)
  • Strong Cypress usage skills (elements finding and operating with them, plugins, xPath inner functions, etc.)
  • Ability to set up, configure, and debug code in IDE (VS Code)
  • Ability to merge code into git
  • Ability to set up Jenkins job
  • Ability to write advanced SQL queries (SELECT incl. JOIN, INSERT, UPDATE, inner queries)
  • Strong test design skills (exploratory testing, wide range of test design techniques)
  • Ability to create complete, accurate, and laconic reports (bug reports, status and progress report, test run reports, etc.)
  • Ability to estimate iteration scope using complex techniques (T-Shirts, PERT, decomposition, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills (with the team and customer)
  • Good management skills (plan, coordinate, and control peers)
  • Upper-Intermediate written and spoken English
  • Predictably high quality of each deliverable


  • Strong research and problem-solving skills
  • Pro-activity
  • Strong reliability and self-organization skills
  • Thoroughness and accuracy
  • Openness to feedback and changes


  • Define and control test automation strategy (incl. efficiency metrics) in close collaboration with the product team
  • Discover product (advertising platform) by means of exploratory testing
  • Discover existing tests (Ruby and Cucumber)
  • Design end-to-end scenarios for test automation using output from 2-3
  • Define and control test automation development guidelines (incl. code quality metrics) in close collaboration with the front-end team
  • Automate web UI tests, interact with DB (MySQL) for test data creation, within the provided framework (TypeScript, Cypress, Allure)
  • Tune test automation framework in order to cover non-trivial cases (new pages, new HTML elements, new SQL queries)
  • Continuously merge source code into project VCS (git)
  • Set up/tune Jenkins jobs for automated tests
  • Daily support of automated tests by means of nightly build analysis (Jenkins) and results processing (bugs reporting / verification, tests actualization/stabilization)
  • Review tests written by teammates from coverage, architectural, and code quality perspectives
  • Manage and assist peers in test and code design, technical issues, and project-related questions
  • Set up a local development environment and build/deploy a personal test stage (Azure)
  • Create and estimate day-to-day tasks in JIRA
  • Play as a single point of communication at the test automation scope for the product team
  • Report about status and progress to the team at daily stand-ups and on-request (USA)

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